Every building requires an infrastructure, without it, a building cannot function. Properly designed infrastructures ensure that energy, water and communications are properly delivered and wastes subsequently eliminated. All must be reliable, efficient, sustainable and, needless to say, in compliance with the requirements of the numerous regulatory and statutory bodies involved. DoyEnergy do not see infrastructure as the ‘poor relation’ of the services industry. In fact DoyEnergy view the infrastructure as the starting point for any project – assessing the maximum demands for all the services in great detail so as to ensure that the building performs well without unnecessary over provision. We pay careful attention for possible future expansion, additional requirements and the like in terms of both capacity and location. Supplementary services are taken care of, sometimes by introducing specialists from other parts of the industry for example a SCADA or Telemetry system. DoyEnergy becomes involved at the earliest possible stage of a project so as to ensure maximum benefit can be gained from their particular expertise in this important area.