Renewable Energy Services

DoyEnergy Solutions offers a complete range of renewable energy services to our clients to help them take the final step to install a photo-voltaic system in its residential or business site.


DoyEnergy Solutions responds to the request for proposals and quotations when contacted. Once we understand your needs and preferences, we will provide you with a proposal of the cost of the photo-voltaic system. It will include educational information, financial, return on investment and generation of energy.


Our team of professionals have extensive experience in installations of photo-voltaic systems, energy saving and efficiency projects. Once you have completed and formalized the purchase agreement, our installation process begins and this includes the following:
  1. We work the electrical design according to appropriate codes and regulations.
  2. We work the Agency of interconnection and net metering. It is carried out the installation of your system by minimizing disruptions to your service.
  3. We conduct all relevant acceptance tests, which is a final check of all components and their operation.
  4. We monitor the performance of your system remotely.


We offer our clients maintenance program services and agreement.
    This includes:
  1. Acceptance testing: carry out acceptance testing required for compliance with codes and standards for photo-voltaic systems.
  2. Monitoring of photo-voltaic systems: where applicable, identify problems for its quick solution as well as prevention of reduction of generation and electrical hazards.
  3. Emergency service: where that is necessary, we have a response team to inspect, correct, reset and provide guarantees.
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    Benefits of Our Photovoltaic system Services includes

    Financial Benefits

    Studies indicate that a renewable energy system will increase the value of your home or business by 10-20 %. You will also recover its initial investment in about 8 years, without incentives include state or federal government, while solar panels have a lifespan of 20 - 25 years.

    Energy Independence

    With solar energy you own the electricity it produces. You can reduce or completely eliminate the electricity you purchase from Power Utility Companies, eliminating the volatility and constant changes in the price of energy.

    Reliable and Safe

    Solar electricity systems are reliable, require minimum maintenance and are a stable source of energy for your family or business. With the option of battery backup, you can have energy without interruption during a power outage, without the hassle of a generator of diesel or gasoline as noise, smoke, fuel handling, etc.

    Environmental benefits

    The use of solar energy is one of the best decisions you can make to your home or business to protect the environment now and in the future. When using the solar energy we reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. This way reduce greenhouse gases is reduced.

    The Systems flexibility

    Solar Electric or photovoltaic (PV) are modular and expandable, which means that it can increase its capacity in the future as your needs change.