Energy Audit

In industrial sector, energy consumption is a major interest because of its financial and environmental implications. Energy efficiency can be achieved when comprehensive evaluation of the actual performance of a plant's energy usage is done, this reveals a plant's strong and weak points as well as constituency in its current approach of energy management. DESNL's audit services provides a clear understanding of how, where and when of your:

  1. Current energy consumption
  2. Potential to save energy
  3. Prioritize energy action plans
We begin with having a clear understanding of an building and facility's operational conditions by developing an energy consumption inventory detailed audit such as:
  1. The analysis of building and utility data, including study of the installed equipment and analysis of energy bills;
  2. The understanding of the building behaviour and of the interactions with weather, occupancy.
  3. The survey of the real operating conditions;
  4. The selection and the evaluation of energy conservation measures;
  5. The estimation of energy saving potential;
  6. The identification of customer concerns and needs.
After the establishment of an energy consumption profile is been done, the potential for energy saving opportunities is been identified. Then energy management strategy and energy reduction programs can be organized and planned with reference to energy audit results.